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Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutter door installation, maintenance and repair is our bread and butter. We can offer tailored solutions whether it is a new install or a repair on an existing roller shutter door at competitive prices. View the types of roller shutter doors we work with below

What are Roller Shutter Doors?

Roller Shutter Doors are either electric or manual doors that roll up or down on operation. They are ideal for most commercial and industrial buildings and even those which may have awkward entrances or do not have a flat ceiling. 

What are the benefits to Roller Shutter Doors?

Roller Shutter Doors have many benefits. The manual option is ideal for situations where there is no power installed near the door entrance. The electric option is ideal for speed, and is safe to use with a ‘Deadman’ close option which is push and hold to close.

Both types of roller shutter doors also provide security benefits to your property. They can be made with galvanised steel making them weather resistant and rust-proof.

Can Roller Shutter Doors be maintained?

Yes – Anglia Door Systems regularly maintain customers Roller Shutter Doors all over East Anglia. Due to the frequent use of Roller Shutter Doors, certain parts may fail due to wear and tear if the door is not maintained properly. Visit our page here for a maintenance quotation.

Manual roller shutter door repair

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Manual Liftup & Pull Down / Hand Chain

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Powered Roller Shutters

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How safe are Roller Shutter Doors?

Not surprisingly, the safety of industrial doors such as Roller Shutters relies on three core elements.

One, the person using it. Are they operating the Roller Shutter properly? 

Two, is the Roller Shutter regularly maintained? It is recommended that Roller Shutters are maintained at least annually, but this is dependent on the frequency of use.

Three, safety features on the actual Roller Shutter Door.

Pedestrian door way roller shutters must be installed with a safety brake to ensure that in the event of motor failure the curtain will not close forcefully or endanger personnel. It is government legislation to ensure safe passage for users.

Safety photo cells and bottom rail safety edges can be used to stop the Roller Shutter operating in the event of any obstructions. Key switches and remote controls can also be incorporated.

Anglia Door Systems install Roller Shutter Doors from only the leading European manufacturers to ensure safety and a long lasting product. We will also provide support on Roller Shutter Door operation, giving a thorough explanation on how to operate the door to your staff. 

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