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High Speed Door Repair

Is your business experiencing a malfunctioning or damaged high speed door? Anglia Door Systems are here to help with a FREE repair survey and to help get your business operations flowing again.

Rapid action roller shutter

24/7 High Speed Door Repair

Also known as fast action doors or rapid roll doors or rapid doors, industrial High Speed Doors are commonly used in premises which experience a high flow of traffic. This can cause wear and tear on the door over time and effect the performance, leading to potential safety issues as well as goods being affected. 

Anglia Door’s 24/7 Emergency High Speed Door repair service can ensure your doors are repaired or secured quickly, minimising downtime and reduce potential business losses and expenses.

So if you’re looking for a High Speed Door Repair specialist near you, Anglia Door Systems have experienced, skilled engineers all over East Anglia. 

Types of High Speed Doors we repair

  • High Speed doors vertical opening
  • High Speed doors Horizontal opening
  • High Speed Folding doors
  • High Speed Spiral doors
  • Rapid Action Doors
  • Rapid Roll doors
  • Rapid action folding doors
  • High Speed Industrial Doors
  • High Performance Doors
  • High Speed Clean Room doors
  • Rapid Action Clean room doors
  • High Speed Freezer Door


We can repair internal high speed doors or external high speed doors


We can provide a comprehensive maintenance plan after your repair

Benefits of a fully operational High Speed Door

Climate Control

A fully functioning High Speed Door reduces drafts and excessive heat loss, especially important for businesses that store temperature controlled goods.

Safe to use

A malfunctioning high speed door can put your employees and visitors at risk. Having peace of mind with a fully functioning door instils confidence in it's users


The main USP of a high speed door is in the name - speed! A fully functioning high speed door will provide your users with better productivity.

Book your High Speed Door Repair online

Why not use our online form to book a FREE high speed door survey to your site? We have experienced, DHF trained industrial door engineers based all over East Anglia so we’re never far away.

During the visit, our engineers will ensure your industrial high speed door(s) are left in a safe condition and our office will promptly provide you with a quotation for works.

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