PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains, also known as strip curtains or strip doors, are an effective solution for the easy movement of people in and out of a controlled area and are very good at preventing heat loss or cold loss from controlled temperature environments.

What are PVC Strip Curtains?

These effective energy-saving curtains allow people to walk through with ease but keep out vast temperature changes, such as cold, wind and rain.

They work equally well as PVC curtain walls to preserve temperature and keep ‘clean’ areas free from contaminants, such as flying pests.

Made to Measure

PVC Strip Curtains are ideal for industrial workplaces which may require a bespoke size. Made to measure, Anglia Door Systems can provide PVC strip curtains to fit single door entrances for pedestrians or larger, multiple door entrances that may have machinery/forklift traffic.

Ideal for commercial & industrial environments

  • Food production environments
  • Walk in freezers
  • Stock warehouses
PVC Strip curtain install

Key benefits of our PVC Strip Curtains

  • Cost Effective  – cheaper alternative to other types of industrial/warehouse doors
  • Energy Saving
  • Different grades of curtain transparency available 
  • Ideal for temperature controlling
  • Easy to replace a single/multiple hook on curtain if damaged to prolong curtain life
  • Protects employees/produce from weather, dust and flying pests

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