High Speed Doors

Known for providing a higher operating speed than most other industrial doors, High Speed Doors are ideal for cutting down waiting time (vital in refrigeration warehouses) and improving logistic processes. 

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What are High Speed Doors?

In a nutshell, High Speed Doors are industrial roller shutter doors which operate quicker than standard roller shutter doors.  This is a benefit to productivity as users can enter/exit areas quicker.

Why would I need a High Speed Door?

High Speed Doors are perfect for businesses that may require to contain certain temperatures or conditions. They can prevent cold air from escaping industrial freezers, for example.

Another example is clean room high speed doors, which are ideal for pharmaceutical environments that have a need to reduce airborne contamination, such products can deteriorate with sudden air changes. 

Can High Speed Doors be maintained?

Yes – Anglia Door Systems regularly maintain customers High Speed Doors all over East Anglia. Due to the frequent use of High Speed Doors, certain parts may fail due to wear and tear if the door is not maintained properly. Visit our page here for a maintenance quotation.

What types of High Speed Doors do you install?

We install High Speed Doors built from major European manufacturers such as Alpha Deuren, ITW and BMP.  

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Introducing the Spiral Rapid Door....

Rapid Roller Shutter Door

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Rapid Sectional Door

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Rapid Roll Up Door

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