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Dock Leveller Repair

An efficient tool used to bridge the difference in height and distance between the dock floor and vehicle. 

24/7 Dock Leveller Repair

Dock Leveller faults can happen unexpectedly and at inconvenient times, causing serious delays and problems for businesses that rely on these dock levellers for their operations.

Anglia Door’s 24/7 Emergency dock leveller repair service can ensure your dock levellers are repaired or secured quickly, minimising downtime and reduce potential business losses and expenses.

Once a problem develops with your dock leveller, it can be unsafe to use your equipment that could potentially put lives at risk.

So if you’re looking for a dock leveller specialist near you, Anglia Door Systems have experienced, skilled engineers all over East Anglia.

Dock Leveller Repair

An example of a well-worn Dock Leveller in need of repair

Case Study: Dock Leveller Repair

An example of a Dock Leveller requiring repair

Dock Leveller Repair case study

An example of a Dock Leveller post repair

Book your Dock Leveller Repair online

Why not use our online form to book a FREE dock leveller survey to your site? We have experienced, DHF trained industrial door engineers based all over East Anglia so we’re never far away.

During the visit, our engineers will ensure your dock leveller(s) are left in a safe condition and our office will promptly provide you with a quotation for works.

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