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Spiral Rapid Speed Door Installation

All the benefits of a sectional overhead door without the headroom needed

What are Spiral Rapid Speed Doors?

Combining the best of both words, the Spiral Rapid Door looks like a sectional door and operates similarly to a roller shutter door.

The Spiral Rapid Door opens 6 x faster than similar sectional doors and is suitable in environments where you have intensive logistic movements.

This door opens fast, depending on the door size up to 1.1 M per second. Real savings on energy cost can be achieved with this door.

Can Spiral Rapid Doors be maintained?

Yes – Anglia Door Systems regularly maintain Spiral Rapid Speed doors all over East Anglia. Certain parts may fail due to wear and tear if the door is not maintained properly. Visit our page here for a maintenance quotation.

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Key Features of our spiral speed doors

  • Insulated
  • Fast action
  • Compact headroom for buildings that are lacking roof space
  • Ideal for repetitive use throughout the day
  • All glaze options available or solid 
  • No springs used – less wear and tear
  • Different colour options available
  • Push button, remote controls and ground loop compatibility
  • Can set your own return timer for closing operation

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