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Automatic Sliding Door Installation

Designed for convenience, style and adaptability, our automatic sliding doors create a welcoming and functional entryway to any business. 

What are automatic sliding doors?

Automatic sliding doors (also known as electric sliding doors) are suitable for a wide range of business types and are a stylish and practical solution to most types of businesses.

To meet the bespoke requirements of your business needs, we can provide a range of frames, door panels, and glass options: whether you’re looking for a sleek, elegant solution or something more robust – that can safely withstand a high flow of people.

Smooth, seamless and safe in operation, automatic glass sliding doors are often installed in commercial environments such as retail, office and healthcare environments. 

Can automatic sliding doors be maintained?

Yes – Anglia Door Systems regularly maintain customers automatic sliding doors all over East Anglia. Certain parts may fail due to wear and tear if the door is not maintained properly. Visit our page here for a maintenance quotation.

Automatic door installation

All of our installations conform to EN16005 and ADIA Standards

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Key Features of our automatic sliding doors

  • Hands-free operation: Automatic sliding doors can be opened and closed without the need for manual intervention, making them convenient and hygienic.

  • Activation methods: Automatic sliding doors can be activated using various methods, such as motion sensors, pressure pads, or push buttons.

  • Single or multiple panels: Automatic sliding doors can have one or multiple panels, depending on the needs of the space they are installed in.

  • Improved accessibility: Automatic sliding doors can make it easier for people with mobility impairments or those using wheelchairs or strollers to enter and exit buildings.

  • Energy savings: Automatic sliding doors can help to save energy by eliminating the need to manually open and close heavy doors.

  • Germ reduction: Automatic sliding doors can help to reduce the spread of germs by eliminating the need for people to touch door handles.

  • Space-saving design: Automatic sliding doors do not require any swing space, making them a good choice for spaces with limited room.

  • Enhanced security: Automatic sliding doors can be equipped with additional security features, such as lock sensors, to help prevent unauthorized entry.

Smooth, seamless and safe in operation

Retail Environments

For a controlled flow of traffic automatic sliding doors are the safest and most convenient solution for retail businesses.


A modern office needs a modern solution. We regularly install, repair and maintain automatic sliding doors

Medical Centres

We've regularly install, repair and maintain a large number of automatic sliding doors for hospitals, doctors surgeries and medical centres across East Anglia.

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