Protecting your Industrial Doors in adverse weather conditions

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With Winter fast approaching, heavy rain, snow and wind is a certainty, so keeping your industrial doors protected and safe to operate is of paramount importance to your business.

We’ve highlighted 5 common issues that can occur and how to effectively weatherproof your industrial doors, ensuring they remain resilient, functional and safe, no matter the weather conditions.

wind damage to industrial doors

Wind Damage

Strong winds can exert excessive pressure on doors, leading to misalignment, structural damage, or even detachment from their tracks or mounting.

Tip: Adding additional bracing, or placing a substantial object directly behind your door can help to minimize this risk.

Electrical Malfunctions

Automated or electrical systems controlling the doors may experience malfunctions due to water ingress or extreme temperature changes.

Tip:  Inspect your weather-resistant enclosures to confirm they’re suitable and properly sealed against water ingress.

Debris or Obstructions

High winds can carry debris or foreign objects, which might obstruct the movement of your doors or gates, potentially causing damage.

Tip: If safe to do so, inspect the surroundings around your door or gate and clear any obstructions before operation, you can do this via CCTV if your business has this fitted close to your equipment.

Water Leakage

Improper sealing or damage can cause water leakage, affecting the interior and potentially damaging equipment or goods stored behind the doors.

Tip: Consider adding rain diverters or canopies above the doors to reduce direct water exposure. Surfaces should be suitably sloped away from the building to carry away excess water.

Decreased Visibility

Decreased visibility can pose safety risks when using industrial doors, gates, or barriers. This can lead to accidents and operational challenges.

Tip: Check your external lighting to ensure it’s still working, motion-activated lights can be especially useful to improve visibility when someone approaches the area.

If you have a vehicle barrier ensure that any lights or reflective strips can be seen from a distance.

Need support with your door?

If your industrial door, gate or barrier has suffered weather-damage we can support you in getting it back to a safe, operational standard.

Prevention is always better than cure. If you want to be proactive and avoid damage before it’s too late, contact us now to enquire about our maintenance plans.

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