Do you require a repair callout for your Rapid Door?

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This month, one of our maintenance customers had an incident on site which involved collision damage to one of their industrial rapid doors. This could have been a major safety and security risk if left without prompt repair and within two hours of being notified, we had an engineer on site.

The Rapid Door had been accidentally damaged by a fork lift truck which meant the door was not able to close properly. Our engineer on site managed to remove the bottom bar that was bent by the forklift and straightened the bar to ensure it worked with the existing sensor.

Finally, our engineer refitted the bar and tested the Rapid door multiple times to ensure it was left in good working order.

If you require an emergency callout for your industrial equipment give us a call on 0800 1444 338 and speak to our repairs department. Alternatively, contact us here for an online quote if your callout is not urgent.

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